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Small Lots Big Wines


In this corporate world people yearn for products with a story behind them.  There is something special about touching and feeling a product that you know was createad via touching and feeling, rather that machines, faceless people, mass production, and "Made In China" stickers.  On the other hand, things that are hand crafted, artisan, boutique often times seem far beyond our reach and budget.  It was out of this desire for the story, to touch something that was made by touch, to support products made in the USA, and of course to present really great wine in a way that the average person can afford, that we created Small Lots Big Wines.

What is Small Lots Big Wines?  Quite simply, we are a wine club.  We ship wine via a wine club twice per year.  We source our wine from  small producers within the United States.  The smaller the better!   With our 4-tier system, we find wines that are hand-crafted and prouduced in small lots that will fit into a variety of budgets.  We truly believe in Quality not Quantity.  One thing we've learned is that Quality is driven by a passion for the wine, Quantity is driven by a passion for money.  However, wineries focused on quality often don't have the money to advertise, they don't have the connections to get into stores, they don't have the time to facebook or twitter, so their awesome wines often go undiscovered.  That's where we come in.  Through our wine club you are able to meet the "winery" in the comfort of your own home when that shipment arrives at your door.

THE PERKS: The biggest perk of Small Lots Big Wines is of course, great wine!  But here are a few more:


  • You receive wine from a variety of wineries, not just one.
  • You can choose how much you want to spend and how much wine you want to recieve
  • Rather than shipment every month or every quarter, we just ship twice per year
  • Members who receive 4 bottle of more receive a FREE Small Lot Wine Tour